Auditing services


At FIDES, the Audit service fulfils a dual role: on the one hand, we provide reliability to a company’s financial statements and, therefore, we bring transparency to its management and to the market in which it operates. In addition, we identify and anticipate possible risks and areas for improvement to help our clients manage their business, contributing additional value to our auditing service.


sector audit


External audit:


  • Audit of individual and/or consolidated annual accounts (mandatory and voluntary) prepared under the principles established in the General Accounting Plan.
  • Audits of individual and/or consolidated annual accounts prepared under IAS/IFRS and USA GAAPS principles.
  • Limited accounting reviews and preparation of consolidation packages.
  • Audits and/or reviews for different processes such as: capital increase and reduction, non-monetary contributions, ECOEMBES, supporting accounts for GRANTS from national and international organisations.

Public sector audits:


  • Financial audit of public company accounts.
  • Operational and legal compliance audits.

Internal auditing:


  • Review, evaluation, and implementation of effective internal control systems.
  • Management audit.
  • Internal control audit.
  • Implementation of internal audit departments and support in the preparation of procedure manuals.
  • Design of audit committees.