Tax and Accounting Consultancy


FIDES offers you a team of professional experts in the accounting and tax field to provide you with solutions that optimise your taxation, within the regulations in force.



Tax Procedures


Inheritance and

Taxation – Accounting:


  • Tax-accounting advice to companies and individuals.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Continuous adaptation to the criteria of the Tax Agency.
  • Advice, preparation, and presentation of tax forms. (Corporate Tax, VAT, Personal Income Tax).
  • Regular meetings.
  • Attention to all types of accounting and tax queries.
  • Tax planning for companies and individuals. Application of current tax benefits..
  • International business reorganisations: mergers, spin-offs, contributions of assets, share swaps, contributions of activity and special non-monetary contributions.
  • Form 720.

International Desk


    • International tax advice and coordination.
    • Double Taxation Agreements (DTA).
    • Tax Due Diligence.
    • Tax reports.
    • Taxation of non-residents.
    • Filing of tax returns. (Inheritance and Gift Tax, VAT, etc).
    • VIES processing.
    • Obtaining N.I.F. for non-resident companies.
    • Processing of visas.
    • Incorporation of companies.
    • Real Estate Transactions.
    • Coordination with tax advisors in other countries.
    • Accounting.
    • Business development.

Tax procedures. Tax inspections:


    • Advice, representation, and defence in any action before the tax authorities.
    • Tax Inspections.
    • Penalty proceedings.
    • Management procedures (refund of undue income, verification of values…).
    • Presentation of appeals and claims before administrative and contentious bodies and courts.

Family business:


  • Advice on the application of tax benefits in Wealth Tax and Inheritance and Gift Tax to facilitate the transfer of the family business.

Inheritance and donations:


  • Tax planning reports in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • Advice, preparation, and assistance with the signing of the inheritance deed, considering the applicable tax benefits, to optimise the taxation of the inheritance.
  • Settlement of Inheritance and Gift Tax.
  • Comprehensive tax advice on inheritance and donation.